Electromagnetic vibrators

We offer VIBSIS brand electromagnetic vibrators, of which we are official representatives for Europe and the Balkans. With exceptional quality and reliability.
All components of the products, except the casting body, epoxy fiber spring and coil, are made of stainless steel and CNC machined in the manufacturer's factory shop.

After assembly of components, all products are tested before packaging.

The following 4 models are available:

  • VEM1 - Electromagnetic vibrator
  • VEM2 - Electromagnetic vibrator
  • VEM3 - Electromagnetic vibrator
  • VEM4 - Electromagnetic vibrator

The control box serves to manually control the vibrations.
The control card is implemented in the electrical panel of the line in which the vibrator will work.
The control card must be connected to a controller or it can also be manually controlled by a switch and a potentiometer

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