• All body parts are made 304 of stainless Steel (#304).
• Italian origin vacuum pumps are used.
• IP65 in electrical material is based,
• For electric and pneumatic Siemens and Schneider brand is used..
• Double chambers vertical vacuum packing machine has double chambers to speed up the packing process.
• Operation,maintenance and cleaning of the machine is very simple,. an extra operator is not required.
• Protective gas unit(M.A.P.) ( is) integrated.
• If needed, packaging, gas injecting and, vacuuming processes can be used independently.
• 100 grams up to 5 kilograms, has the capacity to make a vacuum package.
• Including liquid and powder, 10 all kinds of 10 finished product packaging and vacuum treatment can be done.
• Maintains food's freshness and flavor. extends food's shelf life.
• Double sealing protection.


• Meat, sea foods, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, legumes, nuts, fame, spice, coffee and prepared foods… etc.

Column 1 Column 2
Weight 750 kgs
Dimensions 1500 x 1450 x 1800 mms
Vacuum Power 160 m³/s
Machine Power 3 kw
Chamber Dimension 620x210x240mm(WxDxH)
Sealing Lenght 650mms
Body Stainless Steel  304
Packaging Capacity  360 pack/hour

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