Salting mashine

Diffusional salting

Diffusion salting machine is the only one of its kind in the world. This machine is manufactured for salting of nuts that can be eaten in the shell (like sunflower seeds, peanuts in the shell, almonds with shell, pumpkin seeds, pistachios) as the salt goes directly to the product without salting surface of sheath. Model DST 650 for diffusion salting process starts with raw nuts, and then using modern technology creates pressure on the shell, which opens their pores of the fibers and thus salt solution penetrate through them directly to the internal kernel and form a salt layer on it.

This technology delivers durability and extends the live of oily products. Penetration of salt into the kernel gives different flavor to the product. On the other hand, we can avoid burning and irritation on the lips of the consumer during eating salted nuts and seeds.

DST 650 diffusion salting machine consists of three main modules:

The first module is composed of a salt solution reservoir, where the percentage of salt and water is monitored continuously. This module works with a computer.

With the second module the machine can provide the processing of the nuts shell with pressure. A computer with a special software program helps to maintain the same percentage of water and salt in solution and allow salting of the product to be always in the same ratio.

The third module is a function of pre-drying the product before baking. This section contributes to the removal of moisture from the surface of the product that comes out wet from diffusion process. Then the product is roasted in the oven and the productivity of the oven remain the same. 

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