Salting mashine

Automatic Salting Machine TZ 1800

Before the product enters to the salting machine, it is weighed by the salting machine’s hopper and the sorbet quantity, which will be applied to the machine, is calculated automatically, then it is applied to the weighed product proportionally in the mixing drum according to the recipe, which is entered previously from the PLC control panel. Automatic salting machine has two sorbet tanks (preparation tank and stock tank) and salting machine takes the water from the municipal water system automatically according to the recipe, which is entered before. Ingredients (flour, salt, etc.) as flour, which will be applied to the product, can be added to the preparation tank. Besides, all kinds of dry ingredients (as flour) can be directly applied to the product, which take place in the mixing drum, from the spiral, which is next to the machine. Furthermore, salting machine has the property of forming and recording different recipes for each product.

Salting machine can be integrated to a line and it has network link with other machines in the line. 

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