NEW!!! Impact and abrasion resistant elevator buckets

1. PRIME buckets are developed and manufactured from economical engineering plastic enriched with special additives designed to be impact resistant. An economical and effective solution.

2. The PREMIUM elevator buckets are highly resistant to maximum friction, and thanks to their flexible structure, they are impact resistant. Using injection molding technology, polyethylene additives and hardeners are produced with high density and maximum compression, thus creating a chain that is more resistant to friction. And in the production stage, opposite characteristics such as rigidity and flexibility are combined.

3. EXCLUSIVE elevator buckets are made of special engineering plastic with high impact resistance and high coefficient of friction. Exclusive buckets are made entirely of engineering plastic for higher performance. The Exclusive buckets show maximum efficiency, especially in friction-related wear, and at the same time achieve the best results thanks to their curved corners, grooves to reduce friction and original design.

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