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Sunflower seed De-Hulling machine

The impact Dehuller Feeds seed onto the centre of a horizontally Rotating impeller fitted with outward directing blade, 4 of them. The seed is accelerated outward along the blades and collides with the static wall where the hull is craked.The mixture consisting of kernels, husks and unshelled product is discharged through an outlet hopper. The loses hulls , partially dehulled seed and some unshelled seed needs separating from dehulled kernels as next processing. At this stage an aspirator removes hulls from kernels by means of aspiration. Third stage is to separate hulled kernels and unhulled seeds with 4 Units of inclined vibrating screens one after another. The unshelled seeds will be returned to the dehuller for re-hulling again with an internal re-hullindg system.
1. Purity - min 99,9% (bakery); min 99,95% (confectionery)
2. Broken kernels (less than 1 / 2 kernel) - maks.10% (bakery); max. 5% (confectionery)411549
3. Damaged kernels - max. 4%

Technical Info/Техническа информация
Aspirator Аспиратор 1
Air Consumption Въздушен дебит 12 600 куб.м/ч
De-Hullung Mills Лющещи валове 4
Inclined Vibrating Screens Моторизирани Вибро Сита 4
Total Power Requirement Електрическа мощност 27kw
Standart Volt Стандартен волтаж 380V
Optional Volt Опционален Волтаж 220-440V
Weight Тегло 11 000


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